Selecting the Right University

Selecting the Right University for YOU

When you're looking at what type of university would suit you best, it's important that you look at your future goals and choose the type of university that will help you to get there...

Do you want to go straight into work when you finish your degree, or are you focused on doing a Master or maybe even a PhD?

Do you want to focus on one subject in depth or cover many subjects over the course of your degree?

These questions should come into consideration when you're looking at going to university:





 Want to enter employment on

completing a degree

   Want to keep an 

open mind

  Want to become a Doctor etc..

  Want to Continue onto a

post graduate degree

Have a look at an

Applied Science University or    

University College            

Have a look at a

Liberal Arts /Science College   

Have a look at a 

Research Intensive University   


 Have a look at a 

Research Intensive University  


Use this quiz to see which type of University abroad you should be applying to:

1.  Which would you prefer?

(A) A three year degree with no or limited work experience   

(B) A four year degree with at least 6 months relevant work experience


2.   Which would you prefer?

(A) Attending lectures and tutorials, doing research alone and being marked on your essays

(B) Attending classes where your options are sought on a certain topic and are set challenges to solve in groups

3. Which would you prefer?

(A) Being taught by a lecturer who has a history of doing research in the field that he works

(B) Being taught by a lecturer who has a history of being a practioner in the field that he teaches


4.  Which would you prefer? 

(A) Your degree course being created by a university that produces ground breaking research and technology that businesses will one day use

(B) Your degree course being created with businesses that will hire you one day


Mostly As

You are best suited to Research Intensive Universities

There are leading research universities in every country and offer a diverse range of academic subjects from the Arts to Engineering to Science as well as professional programmes (law, medicine etc.). 


Research universities offer most programmes of study and are generally 3 years in length. Students can choose a major and a diverse range of electives generally across faculties. There is often the opportunity to take double majors

Degrees are delivered in the traditional method with lectures, seminars and tutorials. 

Research Universities are very competitive, especially the professional programmes eg, medicine and dentistry. 

Mostly Bs

You are best suited to Universities of Applied Sciences and University Colleges.

These universities are found in the Netherlands, Denmark and Canada are 3-4 years long and offer vocational programmes that prepare students for specific careers. The 4 year degrees tend to offer 1 year work based learning as part of the programme that can then be put on the student’s CV as work experience.

In these degree programmes, students analyse and solve practical problems independently.  Students are expected to think about the knowledge that is presented to them and develop and express their own opinion, asking questions in class. Classes are often interactive with students participating in discussions. This is very appealing to employers who want independent, confident staff members who can speak their mind and come up with answers to problems.

Let us know if you got mainly As or Bs and we can help you find the most suitable University!

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