Benefits of Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad will make you stand out from the thinking outside the box you will be on course for excellent employment prospects with a higher salary!  

You will be able to choose from a wide range of degree courses.

Identify universities that best meet your needs and pick a learning style that suits you to ensure the best return on your time at university.

Degree courses across the world are taught in English but studying abroad will also give you the opportunity to learn another language or put into practice a language you have learnt

Save money - Invest up to £27000 on fees at a UK university or get a quality internationally recognised degree in the Netherlands for approximately £1500 per year or NO fees in Denmark.

Save money in the USA by studying at a community college and articulating into a top US university for the final two years.

Broaden your horizons by not only living in another country but by becoming an international student and meeting other students from across the globe and being part of an international community.

The additional skills achieved by studying aboard not only make you a well rounded person but are recognised by employers as a positive asset.

Degrees taught in English across the World

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International education is a huge growth industry, in Australia it was the third biggest income for the country! There are millions of students wanting university education and every country wants a part of the market as international students pay high university fees. 

Traditionally international education has been dominated by the English speaking countries; USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.  Today more and more countries recognise the value of international education, for universities in non Englishspeaking countries the way to attract the international student market is by offering degree programmes taught in English, great for UK students! 

There are now more and more degree programmes in lots of different subject areas taught in English across Europe

Employment Prospects

Employment Prospects    

The latest research is showing that students who study abroad find relevant work quicker and receive higher salaries than students who do not study abroad.  The impact of this has even made the government sit up and start to address the issue of low mobility amongst UK students.

Increasing numbers of graduates means competition for jobs is strong and with students around the world choosing to spend sometimes studying in another country UK students are falling behind.  Students who study abroad are recognised as having strong interpersonal & communication skills, cultural sensitivity and the ability to work independently or as part of a team.

Research carried out by the Institute of International Education (IIE) revealed that employers most important selection criteria in recruiting new staff are interpersonal skills and that these skills are likely to be strongest in individuals who have spent time abroad. Indeed, American students who had studied overseas reported a number of advantages to having spent a year abroad. These included factors such as “it brings up conversation during the interview”; “employers are impressed that I had the courage to study overseas” and “international education/experience is sought after”.

What Employers Say

Students who opt to study abroad are making a decision that can have a very positive impact on their employability. Employers clearly value many of the qualities, and especially the skills, that international educators associate with study abroad.

A  study, commissioned some five years ago by a consortium of exchange organizations (IIE, DAAD, the British Council, and the Australian Education Office) suggested, among other things, that in recruiting candidates, employers rated interpersonal skills more highly than other skills and that there's a connection in employers' minds between overseas study and the development of interpersonal skills.


"The value of [a student's] international experience goes beyond purely the acquisition of language - it lies in the ability to see business and personal issues from other than your own cultural perspective."

Charles Macleod, Head of UK Resourcing, PricewaterhouseCooper


Within BT's research community of 300 people, 39 different nationalities are represented - and almost every member of the team has worked internationally. Our cultural diversity and international experience is a significant benefit as we pursue open innovation opportunities across the globe."


Ivan Boyd General Manager, Research, BT Group Chief Technology Office


"Any graduate with additional life experience, whether it be working overseas or within the UK is considered to have added value. It shows they have developed some skills which can be useful for the role we are recruiting for either directly or transferably."


Project Manager, Recruitment Agency

Return on investment - high fees or low fees

Many European countries are obliged the European Union to charge UK students the same fees for university as their own students. This does not lower the quality of education, there are universities all over Europe that are ranked in the world’s best.  It means that the home country government are subsidising UK student fees, just as the UK government did before it increased tuition fees.

The reason that European universities want UK students on campus is to ensure internationalisation of the campus and with degrees being taught in English universities want native speakers on campus.  All very good for UK students!!

For students who want to go to Australia, New Zealand and the USA fees are expensive and students have to be self funding as UK loans are not portable.

Students that are interested in the USA can be eligible for scholarships and also considering entering a community college for the first two years and then articulating into the last two years of university, USA Community colleges fees are much lower than USA university fees.

Ultimately the amount you invest in university fees is dictated by your aspirations and outcomes and that’s where Degrees Ahead can help, assisting you in finding the best university to suit your needs

Degree Type & Choice

Choosing from universities and degree programmes across the globe opens up different types of universities, degrees and teaching philosophies. 

In the USA you can enrol in a liberal arts university which offers a broad general knowledge and developing general intellectual capacities.  The Netherlands and Canada offer problem based learning through their universities this approach challenges students to learn through engagement in a real problem.

The Applied Science universities in Europe often offer 4 year degree programmes that include a degree related internship and a study abroad semester, these degrees prepare students to be work ready.

All over the world there are internationally recognised research intensive universities offering specialities in many different areas.

Degrees Ahead can help you to find the most suitable university for you and ensure a well spent investment check out Selecting the Right University for You

Cultural Diversity

By studying at a university outside of your country you become an international student, this means that you will be part of a community of students that have come from all over the world.  Universities all want to be international and therefore ensure that they recruit students from around the globe to get a truly international student community.

So, not only will you benefit from studying abroad you will also be privileged to mix withstudents from across the globe and become culturally sensitive, a global citizen.

Learn another Language

By studying in a degree taught in English in a nonEnglish speaking country you will also get the opportunity to learn another language.  This will be another plus for future careers!

Often language lessons are offered for free to international students.

Students can also chose to do there internship or semester abroad in a country that will enable them to improve a second language.

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